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Coach Caleb’s Philosophy

Producing the necessary frame work fundamentals for predictable ball control is directly related to the interconnection of body segments and swing patterns. Coach Caleb’s teaching follows a holistic approach to optimal performance.  An Interconnected golf matrix engineered to play the game. There are various swing patterns for all golfers. Having the ability as a coach to identify the hierarchy of improvement while delivering the expertise to develop an efficient and repeatable motion based on the student’s own movement patterns is the hallmark of great coaching. Utilizing anatomy tool box, golfers will then learn the necessary stability, mobility and power sources unique to their swing pattern.

Caleb’s Coaching Codification

Great coaches are critical thinkers and ultimately expert delivery coaches in order to crack th ecode to each golfer’s mainframe, which is the true artistic process of golf coaching. To consistently produce desirable outcomes as a coach there are tangible and intangible skills required. These are the factors which create an organized framework yielding sustainable successes. The coaching codification is defined by the coaches ability to classify and deliver a golf matrix simple enough for beginners and detailed for higher skilled golfers.

By formulating a proven framework, golfers gain access to a matrix of golf regardless of an athletes’ skill level. The humanistic part of coaching means this process has to encompass everything from “INTER-CONNECTING” with the athlete all the way through to performing and playing in competition relative to their skill level. The culmination of this framework is what morphed into the ScorZone Matrix Taxonomy.