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Golf Coaching REPURPOSED

Our Single 1-on-1s, group practice sessions, guided development, dedicated practice and tailored drills are all designed to accelerate you towards your best golf ever. You’ll enjoy the ‘journey’ – an ecosystem for peak performance with gamified challenges and progress tracking as you perform-up through your program. THEN CALL TO ACTION – COACHING ZONE OPTIONS HERE

Virtual Matrix RELOADED

Personalized performance coaching for junior elite athletes to gain the
competitive edge. From assessment, to program planning and
development, to guided training…juniors will go through peak..

Pro.Edge Tour Professional Redefined

Tired of driving ranges with rock-hard mats and even harder balls? With TrackMan 4 you can practice on the field of play. Pick from thousands of holes and shot scenarios with instant feedback data for every ball struck.

Matrix Golf Schools REVOLUTIONIZED

Our Junior Golf Academy is revolutionizing every aspect of training, performance, and preparation to the highest level in the game. Tangible and improved performance can only happen through a new approach. An ecosystem for peak performance. Find out how you can join the revolution.

Performance REIMAGNED

Indoor PlayZOne was designed as a purpose-built facility that uses the power of technology to help you enjoy, improve and perform better for players of all abilities. From our 4 Foresight bays to the WellPutt Technology putting system, you can see we’ve given this game-performing venue above and beyond just hitting balls. It’s the perfect golf zone for your own practice time, a group class, a one-on-one coaching session, corporate event, or even to enjoy a round of golf with your friends. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE PLAY ZONE


PerformZone6 starts with a complete analysis of your game – including foresight peak imperatives, equipment evaluation, strokes gained insights, course strategy and mental approach. By mapping the DNA of your game, we will then help you generate an ecosystem to play golf reengineered to play better golf. We don’t guess…we measure with precision.