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Junior Golf Programs

Developing Juniors is coach Caleb’s drive and passion. From the youngest beginners through to elite juniors, the interconnected golf matrix emphasizes long term pattern development to the skill zone to the performance matrix. To play the game efficiently, juniors are given the tools to score in the zone (SCORZONE) consistently well. The scoring-matrix approach allows juniors to develop their abilities to play the game, which will aid them in consistently shooting lower scores.

Comprehensive AssessmentSingle Session

Virtual Golf Matrix RELOADED

Let me tell you why you are here! You don’t like the idea you are not in control of your game. It sucks to suck and feel like you aren’t in control of your golf game…but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Take control of your golf game. You can feel something is wrong with your game. You don’t know what it is…but it’s there. Like a splinter in your game, driving you mad. With Coach Caleb’s interconnected matrix, you will access new potentials with personalized coaching geared toward your patterns, mechanics, and technique. If you are serious about improving your game, then access is granted to crack the code to your golf mainframe. You can’t be told…you have to experience it for yourself. This is your chance now!

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Adult Golf Matrix Programs

Our new adult student evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a client’s functional movement, mechanics, and techniques. Once the benchmark assessment is completed, Coach Caleb will develop an organized pattern framework and practice plan based to accomplish desired outcome. This process requires a minimum of two hours to complete, which includes on course play.  If you just want a single lesson, you can do so by booking online below.

Comprehensive AssessmentSingle Session

Tour Professional Revitalized

Tour professionals are provided an opportunity to focus on training through an all-encompassing approach. Tour Professional coaching is best suited for high-level amateurs and tour pros looking to bust open their tournament performance. Players have full access to world-class facilities, game management resources, performance combines, and the flexibility to schedule individualized instruction as needed to allow players to stay and train throughout the year.  A few Tour Pros who have utilized coach Caleb’s expertise are PGA Tour winners, LPGA Tour winners, Mini Tour Pros, & Collegiate Players.

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Meet Coach Caleb

Coach Caleb is the founder and professional golf coach of ScorZoneGolf since 2005 with locations in Rochester NY and West Palm Beach FL. He is a Scott Cowx Advanced Certified Instructor, Foresight Sports PEAK Performance Instructor, and Certified Mental Trainer with Neuroscience Psychologist Dr. Fran Pirozzolo. Caleb coaches various PGA/LPGA to professional mini tour players, collegiate student athletes, and nationally ranked juniors with over 250 Juniors placed in various College Golf Programs. With his trademark Interconnected Golf Matrix System, Short Game Wedges Matrix, and Intensive PlayersFocus Audio Mental Matrix Series, you can now achieve your golfing aspirations.

Virtual Golf Matrix

Start with the right template with a one-time free swing video analysis. Join our Virtual Golf Matrix Club and Crack the Code to your Golf Mainframe.

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